Types and Functions of Geographical Warning Strips
- 2018-11-13-

Guoyu Plastic Industry shares with yougeographyWarning tapeThe types and functions are as follows:

Geographical warning tapeThere are two types: one is an ordinary warning tape; the other is a metal-clamped detectable warning tape, also known as a tracer tape, (with a stainless steel metal warning tape). With the continuous development of society and economy, more and more underground pipe networks are under construction. The ground uses PE, PPR, PVC and other plastic pipes. The detection instrument cannot detect the direction of the pipeline. The metal warning tape can solve the problem that the pipeline cannot be detected. The product uses high-strength, aging-resistant polymer materials. PP and OPP are the main raw materials, processed by anti-corrosion treatment, with good corrosion resistance, bright and eye-catching color, long-term laying underground for 50 years, no corrosion, no fading, and meet the long-term buried quality requirements.

Specifications: width 15cm-80cm

Words: There is a pipe underneath, no excavation, there is a cable underneath, no excavation, there is a tap water pipe underneath, no excavation, there is an optical cable underneath, no excavation, etc., can be customized.

Geographical warning tapeproduct description:

Geographical warning tapeIt is also called a marker tape. It is convenient for construction. The construction is carried out at the same time as the buried pipe. It is buried in the middle of the underground and the pipeline. It is laid at 30-50CM above the pipeline. It serves as a warning sign. It is a safe for all kinds of directly buried pipelines and cables. A cost-effective, simple and easy-to-use protective product for protection.

Geographical warning tapeIt is generally laid underground and used in conjunction with underground pipelines and optical cables to allow construction personnel to correctly detect the location of the pipeline and cable, so as to avoid pipeline damage and other consequences. With regard to the warning and protection of the fifth type of transportation system and information transmission system for the national economy and the people's livelihood, the protection of pipeline network construction sites, road construction sites, traffic accident sites, and directly buried pipelines in the fields have obvious protective warning effects.