The material and function of geographic warning tape

2018-11-23   Anhui Guoyu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Guoyu shared with youGeographical warning tapeThe materials and functions are as follows:

Buried warning tapeAlso known as marker tape, the main material is pe material, which is widely used for early warning and protection of various transportation and transmission systems, such as various gas pipelines, oil pipelines, urban water supply and drainage, gas-liquid pipeline transportation systems, power cables, communication optical cables, etc. . Especially for the protection of urban pipe network construction sites, road construction sites, and traffic accident sites with various complex conditions, the direct-buried pipelines at the construction site and on-site have obvious protection and warning functions. The warning tape is made of PE material, which has good corrosion resistance and the service life is about 30-50 years. The construction of the underground warning tape is convenient to be carried out simultaneously with the underground pipeline warning tape. It is buried between the ground and the pipeline, and is laid 30-50 cm above the pipeline. It is a warning sign that can prevent unnecessary damage to the pipeline during future excavation and construction, leading to major accidents and huge property and economic losses caused by accidental damage. For the safety protection of various directly buried pipelines and cables, this is an economical, effective, simple and feasible item.

Cable warning tape is a very common warning tape in daily life. It often appears in front of people to protect underground cables and remind people nearby. It has excellent insulation, heat resistance, cold resistance, and a variety of colors, mainly red, yellow, black and other colors, which can be adjusted according to specific requirements. Cable warning tape is mainly used to cover underground pipelines, such as gas pipes and tap water pipes. The cable warning tape contains detectable metals. It can be used as a mark to allow construction workers to accurately detect the location of underground pipelines during construction. In this way, the specific location of the pipeline is calculated, which effectively prevents leakage and pollution caused by pipeline damage during construction. The appearance of the cable warning tape is an economical and effective protective equipment, which not only protects the cable but also protects the entire world.

Buried warning tapeAlso known as marking tape, it is widely used in complex urban pipe network construction sites, road construction sites, traffic accidents, and building construction sites. The buried warning has a relatively obvious protective warning effect, and the buried warning has a relatively good resistance. Corrosive, long service life. The construction is convenient in places with underground warning tapes. When people see the warning tapes, they will detour without accidents. Also, during excavation and construction, our underground warning tapes will be lifted up again. In its role, it can effectively ensure the personal safety of construction workers and avoid injuries and major accidents.