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The role, classification and standard of geographic warning zone
- 2018-11-22-

Guoyu shared with youGeographical warning tapeThe functions, classifications, and standards are as follows:

Geographical warning tape, Can also be called warning tape, cordon, safety warning rope

Geographical warning tape(Product) performance: good insulation, flame resistance, cold resistance, voltage resistance, acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance and other characteristics. Good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and oil resistance.

Geographical warning tapePurpose: Ordinary warning tape is used to mark the ground warning area. It is often used in construction areas, dangerous areas and traffic accidents, isolation of emergencies, and fences for power maintenance, road administration, and environmental protection projects. It can be used to delineate accident scenes or special areas of warning codes. Cargo loading and unloading, busy areas, and temporary separation of venues; the isolation of temporary passages such as hotels, sports venues, shopping malls, etc. can be used in conjunction with road cones and traffic warning posts. Buried warning tapes are widely used in: urban water supply and drainage, heating power, tap water sewage, direct-buried gas pipelines, oil pipelines, power (high voltage, low voltage,) communication cables and optical cables (telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom, Railcom, Internet, radio and television) The warning protection of the fifth type transportation system and information transmission system related to the national economy and people's livelihood is carried out at the same time as the pipeline is buried. In particular, it has an obvious protective warning effect on the urban pipeline network construction site, road construction site, and direct-buried pipelines in the fields with various complex conditions.

The color of the warning tape: red, yellow, blue, green, white, black, yellow and black, green and white, red and white. It can be configured to produce different colors according to different needs of users.

According to the purpose, it can be divided into: gas warning tape, electric power warning tape, cable warning tape, pipeline warning tape, fence warning tape, oil pipeline warning tape, natural gas pipeline warning tape, ethanol pipeline warning tape, power cable warning tape, high voltage cable warning tape , Water supply pipe warning tape, drainage pipe warning tape, water supply and drainage pipe warning tape, weak current pipeline warning tape, sewage pipe warning tape, rainwater pipe warning tape, water pipe warning tape, PCCP water pipeline warning tape, RPMP water pipeline warning tape , Communication optical cable warning tape, construction warning tape, water supply pipeline warning tape, heating pipeline warning tape, power cable warning tape, detectable warning tape, tracer tape, safety warning tape, oil pipeline warning tape.

Standards for safety warning tapes

Product specifications: 20 meters, 30 meters, 40 meters, 50 meters. Warning tapes of different lengths can be customized according to needs.

1. Conventional safety warning tape: 20-meter safety warning tape, 30-meter safety warning tape, 40-meter safety warning tape, and 50-meter safety warning tape.

2. Fluorescent safety warning tape: 20-meter fluorescent safety warning tape, 30-meter fluorescent safety warning tape, 40-meter fluorescent safety warning tape, and 50-meter fluorescent safety warning tape.

3. Reflective safety warning tape: 20-meter reflective safety warning tape, 30-meter reflective safety warning tape, 40-meter reflective safety warning tape, and 50-meter reflective safety warning tape.

Safety warning tape product overview

1. Material of safety warning tape: The warning tape (warning line/warning tape) is made of high-grade nylon webbing.

2. The color of the safety warning tape: the font color of the warning tape is generally white. The warning belt (warning line/warning belt) has three types: red warning belt, yellow warning belt, and national grid green warning belt. Other colors can be customized.

3. Bandwidth: The bandwidth of the warning zone (warning line/warning zone) is 5 cm, 6 cm, and 8 cm respectively.

4. Length: The warning tape (warning line/warning tape) can be divided into 20m/box, 30m/box, 40m/box, 50m/box according to the length. The length of the warning tapes varies, and warning tapes of different lengths can be customized according to requirements.

5. Content: The text content of the warning tape (warning line/warning tape) can be customized according to user requirements.