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Overview and function of geographic warning zone
- 2018-11-23-

Guoyu shared with youGeographical warning tapeThe overview and role of is as follows:

Geographical warning tapeGenerally used for isolation of construction sites, dangerous sites, traffic accidents and emergencies. As well as fences for power maintenance, road administration, and environmental protection projects. It can be used to delineate accident scenes or special areas of warning codes. The guardrail belt is easy to use and will not pollute the on-site environment.

  Geographical warning tapeOverview:

1. Material: made of high-grade nylon webbing.

2. Bandwidth: There are three specifications of 5 cm, 6 cm, and 8 cm respectively.

3. Length: According to the length, it can be divided into 20 m/box, 30 m/box, 40 m/box, and 50 m/box.

4. Color: There are three kinds of red warning tape, yellow warning tape, and national grid green warning tape. Other colors can be customized. The font color of the warning tape is generally white and red.

5. Geographical warning tape use: mainly used for safety protection at construction sites such as highways, railways, electric power, communications, mines, etc., and for on-site alerting and isolation of emergencies such as public security, fire protection, health, and traffic.

Geographical warning tapeThe real use:

1. Geographical warning tape: Underground warning tapes are generally laid underground and used in conjunction with underground pipelines, optical cables, etc., so that the construction personnel can correctly detect the location of the pipeline and the cable, so as to avoid pipeline damage and other consequences. Regarding the warning protection of the fifth type transportation system and information transmission system of the national economy and the people's livelihood, the buried warning tape is protected at the pipe network construction site, road construction site, and traffic accident site, and the directly buried pipeline in the field has an obvious protective warning function.

2. Geographical warning tape specifications: 15cm wide and 1000m long

3. Geographical warning tape: There are pipes underneath, no excavation, cables underneath, no excavation, tap water pipes underneath, no excavation, optical cables underneath, no excavation, etc.