Detectable warning tape

Detectable warning tape

Product Details

Detectable warning tape: Detailed information of detectable warning tape

Custom processing: Yes

Detectable warning tape type: reflective film

Material: pe

Detectable warning tapeBrand: Guoyu Plastic Industry

Model: Warning tape

Detectable warning tapespecialty:

The detectable warning tape is not only bright in color, uniform in thickness, but also neatly cut and has a strong tensile force. The detectable warning tape has a metal detectable function. It is generally laid on the underground pipeline and can be correctly detected by the construction personnel during construction. The location of the underground pipeline is an effective sign to prevent damage and damage to the pipeline caused by careless construction.

Detectable warning tapeThe main purpose:

Detectable warning tapeIt is mainly used to protect underground pipelines such as water pipes, gas pipelines, underground oil pipes, etc. The warning tape contains metal detectable function, which allows construction personnel to correctly detect the location of underground pipelines, effectively avoiding pipeline damage or pipeline damage caused by construction misalignment. damage.