Pipeline warning tape

Pipeline warning tape

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Pipeline warning tape:It is widely used in various direct-buried gas pipelines, oil pipelines, urban water supply and drainage pipelines, power cables, communication optical cables, and other types of transportation systems and information transmission systems related to the national economy and people’s livelihood, especially for the construction of urban pipeline networks with various situations Directly buried pipelines in road construction, building construction, and fields have obvious protective warning functions, avoiding huge property and economic losses due to accidental damage, and are economical and effective for the safety protection of various directly buried pipelines and cables. , Simple and easy supplies.

Gas has been widely used in cities, and now it has the same status as general electricity and tap water, and it is indispensable in people's lives. It can replace coal and fuel oil, reduce air pollution, be used by people more quickly and conveniently, and drive economic development. It plays an important role in many aspects of life. Gas is widely used, and the potential safety hazards it brings cannot be underestimated. Once there is a gas leak in the gas pipeline network, it will cause serious personal safety accidents such as explosion, poisoning, and fire. "No air leakage" has become the basic requirement of PE gas pipes. In our country, various gas pipelines, communication cables, power facilities, power supply lines and communication optical fibers, municipal engineering networks and steel pipelines for communication pipeline engineering)

Pipeline warning tapeIt is made of polyethylene and other high-strength, anti-aging materials, and has a long service life. Construction and pipe burial are carried out at the same time. It is buried between the ground and the pipeline to serve as a sign warning and avoid accidental excavation and damage to the pipeline. The color of the warning tape conforms to international general standards, is easy to use, and all performance indicators meet or exceed the product industry standards.