PE protection board

PE protection board

Product Details

PE protection boardIt is made of PE as the main raw material, adding reinforcement, toughening and other materials for extrusion molding. It has the advantages of good insulation, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and solvent resistance. The underground service life can reach 100 years.
PE protective board is an alternative to PE warning tape. Compared with PE warning tape, it has the advantages of higher strength, resistance to excavation by excavators, and is used in pipeline projects such as optical cables. Protection in the true sense. It has been gradually adopted by pipeline projects such as oil, gas, water supply, electricity, and optical cables.

PE protection boardmain feature:

(1) Warning and protection; effectively reminding the laying positions of various types of underground pipelines during road construction operations to prevent the pipelines from being accidentally dug;
(2) Impact resistance; effectively prevent a certain impact from the excavation of road construction machinery;
(3) Anti-acid, anti-alkali, durable; effectively prevent chemical corrosion;
(4) Easy installation and laying; easy construction and fast laying speed, saving labor costs and transportation costs during construction;
(5) The advantages of this product are unmatched by other products such as cement board;
(6) The product has obvious advantages, warning, strong protection, safe use, fast construction, labor-saving and money-saving. PE warning protection board installation situation:
1.PE protection boardThe width should be greater than the diameter of the pipe to be protected.
2.PE protection boardWhen the length is insufficient, it can be protected by lap joint, and the lap width should not be less than one-third of the board width.
3.PE protection boardThe lap joint is fixed by punching and strapping.
4.PE protection boardThe direction should be changed accordingly. The thin plate (rolled) protective plate can be cut and turned, and the protective plate is effectively connected with the plastic strapping. The (plate-shaped) protective plate adopts the plastic connection bolt for direct steering or three-way connection.