Pipe protection board

Pipe protection board

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Pipe protection board:It is suitable for the protection and warning of various gas pipelines, communication cables, power facilities, power supply lines and communication optical fibers, municipal engineering networks and communication pipeline engineering, etc. It is a protection board with relatively good performance. This product has been applied in thousands of underground pipeline units in my country! Its effect and effect are very obvious, and it is well received by the market and customers. Among them, thin plates are mostly used for pipeline construction in living quarters, and thick plates are used for pipeline construction in municipal engineering. HDPE and LDPE are used as the main raw materials, and various auxiliary materials such as toughening enhancement and aging resistance are added to warn that the board font printing adopts OPP high temperature coating technology. Keep the warning fonts for a long time without being destroyed by nature, and effectively play a warning role. This product is a good protection for buried gas pipelines, water conservancy pipelines, power communication cables, etc., and construction in unknown underground conditions When digging, unnecessary losses and dangers are effectively avoided. It has long service life, high tensile strength, good flexibility, strong shock resistance, distortion resistance, strong resistance to deformation, cold resistance -60℃, the plate does not burst when facing, the high temperature resistance is 75℃, the plate does not deform, and the corrosion resistance performance Excellent performance, strong impact resistance (no breakage under frontal impact within 1000 kg), etc.

Pipe protection boardIt is suitable for the protection and warning of construction work types such as underground gas pipelines, water supply pipelines, power supply lines, and communication optical fibers.