Pipeline anti-digging protection board

Pipeline anti-digging protection board

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Pipeline anti-digging protection board:The protection board is used for medium and low pressure gas pipelines, pure water pipelines, slurry pipeline systems and other buried pipelines, which can provide strong and long-term effective anti-digging protection for pipeline safety.

my country’s economic construction is in a period of rapid development. There are many ground-breaking construction projects. The construction unit lacks sufficient safety awareness of gas pipelines, often brutal construction, and the risk of accidents caused by third-party damage to the pipeline is extremely high.

Due to the large diameter and high pressure of the natural gas high-pressure pipeline, the entire project is laid in densely populated areas in the city. Once an accident occurs, the consequences are unimaginable. According to relevant calculations, if a pipe burst accident occurs, the impact range can reach 1500m.

At present, there are two protection methods for gas pipelines in my country to prevent external damage. One is to bury a warning protection board above the pipeline, PE warning protection board (also known as; underground pipeline PE warning protection board PE protection board gas pipeline warning board PE warning protection Pipe warning protection board buried PE warning protection board pipeline anti-digging board), and set up warning piles;

The second is to arrange line inspection personnel to conduct regular inspections along the pipeline. Effective monitoring and protection of high-pressure pipelines are carried out by adopting scientific and technological means, and we are always aware of whether there are potential safety hazards around the pipelines, and discover and prevent damage in the shortest time.

Pipeline anti-digging protection has always been a key concern for gas pipelines, communication cables, power facilities, power supply lines and communication optical fibers, municipal engineering networks and communication pipelines. Changyuan Changtong is a manufacturer of anti-excavation warning boards in Guangdong. The price advantage of anti-excavation boards for pipelines is obvious. It can provide wholesale anti-excavation warning boards and construction services of gas anti-excavation warning boards.

Anti-digging protection board for gas pipeline, Generally used in low- and medium-pressure gas pipelines and other buried pipelines to prevent construction damage. Guoyu Plastic is an anti-digging protection board manufacturer in Anhui Province. The price advantage of pipeline anti-digging board is obvious, and it can provideAnti-dig warning boardWholesale, customized service of gas excavation warning board processing.
When manual excavation or excavator descends, it can play a role in stopping the excavation. After excavation, the construction personnel will find: "There is a gas pipeline underneath, please contact the telephone number for excavation: ××" similar words, warning slogans can be in accordance with the owner Request design and production. The warning slogan can be printed or laminated, and the laminated type is strongly recommendedAnti-dig warning board, 20 years after Guoyu Plastic's anti-digging board was buried in the ground, the handwriting is still clearly visible.