Gas warning sign

Gas warning sign

Product Details

Gas warning boardStructure and function:

1. Material structure of warning tape

Anti-aging polymer material, using PE, PP, OPP, AL as the main raw material, processed by anti-corrosion treatment, good corrosion resistance, bright color, eye-catching, long-term laying underground for 50 years without corrosion, no fading, in line with long-term The buried quality remains unchanged.

With the continuous development of society and economy, more and more plastic pipes such as PE, PPR, and PVC are used in the construction of underground pipe networks. The detection instrument cannot detect the direction of the pipeline at all. The detectable warning tape can solve the problem that the pipeline cannot be detected (there is With stainless steel, copper, aluminum, aluminum foil, platinum, zinc, lead and other metal warning tapes).

2. The purpose of the warning tape:

Trace warning tapes are widely used in: urban water supply and drainage, heating power, tap water sewage, direct-buried gas pipelines, oil pipelines, power (high voltage, low voltage,) communication cables and optical cables (telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom, Railcom, Internet, radio and television), etc. The warning protection of the fifth type of transportation system and information transmission system for the national economy and people’s livelihood is carried out at the same time as the pipeline is buried, and it is buried between the ground and the pipeline to serve as a sign warning and detect the position of the pipeline to avoid accidental excavation and damage to the pipeline. In particular, it has an obvious protective warning effect on the urban pipeline network construction site, road construction site, and direct-buried pipelines in the fields with various complex conditions.