Features and advantages of PE warning board

2021-04-16   Anhui Guoyu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

1. Features of PE warning protection board:

1. The PE warning guard plate is made of high-quality PE material, and added with toughening and aging-resistant materials, with long service life, high tensile strength, good flexibility, corrosion resistance and impact resistance, and it can work when subjected to external forces. To a very good protection and warning effect.

2. PE warning guard board The warning font is made of high temperature acid and alkali resistant materials, and the warning font is covered with a pp protective film to protect the warning font from being damaged. It can effectively serve as a warning. It can effectively avoid the Necessary damage and major losses from accidental explosions.

2. Comparison of the effect of PE warning protection board and ordinary warning tape and cement board

1. Although the cost of ordinary warning tapes is low, they can't protect underground pipelines. The initial cost of PE warning shields is higher than that of ordinary warning tapes, but the actual use effect is obviously better than that of ordinary warning tapes.

2. At present, domestic construction waste management is not standardized. Construction waste can be seen everywhere. It is easy to mix cement board with construction waste when excavating in unknown underground conditions. Therefore, it cannot effectively protect the pipeline. The volume of cement board is large and heavy. High, inconvenient transportation and construction, and low construction efficiency. The PE warning shield is light in weight and convenient for transportation and construction. When excavating in unknown underground conditions, the PE warning shield will be pulled out first, because the PE material has a good tensile strength, even if it is pulled out, it should not be broken, and it is easy to understand through the obvious warning language on the PE warning shield It can effectively protect the underground pipeline from being damaged by the buried situation of the underground pipeline. The cost of cement board is equivalent to the cost of PE warning guards, but the construction cost is high, and the overall cost is higher than that of PE warning guards.