Why are safety warning tapes indispensable in construction?

2019-11-01   Anhui Guoyu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Safety warning tapes often play an indispensable role in the construction site. In the process of buried pipe construction at construction sites, laying our safety warning tapes on the pipeline 30 cm to 50 cm has a warning effect, which is effective It prevents damage to pipelines during construction and excavation in the future, leading to serious accidents, and is widely used in various directly buried pipelines and cable safety protection industries.

Many warning tapes are usually buried above gas pipelines, oil pipelines, and cable pipes with matching sign posts. However, after many reconstructions in urban areas, the misplacement and theft of sign posts often occur, so accidents of pipe excavation also occur. It happens from time to time, which not only has a great impact on people's lives, but also threatens lives in more serious cases.

Warning tapes are generally divided into two categories: one-time warning tapes and reusable warning tapes. Polyester cloth is used as a raw material warning tape, which overcomes the short service life of disposable warning tapes. It is easy to clean and not easy to break. The simple packaging method, this packaging method is beneficial to the display of the length of the warning tape, the connection is simple and convenient, and it effectively expands the geographical scope of use!