Where are HDPE warning guards and PE warning guards mainly used?

2019-09-11   Anhui Guoyu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

It is mainly used for protection of various gas pipelines, communication cables, power facilities, power supply lines and communication optical fibers, municipal engineering networks and steel pipelines and PE pipelines in communication pipeline projects.

The main features are:

(1) Warning and protection; effectively reminding the laying positions of various types of underground pipelines during road construction operations to prevent the pipelines from being accidentally dug;

(2) Impact resistance; effectively prevent a certain impact from the excavation of road construction machinery;

(3) Anti-acid, anti-alkali, durable; effectively prevent chemical corrosion;

(4) Easy installation and laying; easy construction and fast laying speed, saving labor costs and transportation costs during construction;

(5) The advantages of this product are unmatched by other products such as cement board;

(6) The product has obvious advantages, warning, strong protective effect, safe use, fast construction, labor-saving and money-saving.