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Knowledge about the use, classification and characteristics of geographic warning tapes


Guoyu Plastic Industry shares with youGeographical warning tapeThe related knowledge of the purpose, classification and characteristics of the product is as follows

Geographical warning tapeIt is generally buried at the same time as the installation of the pipeline. Construction and buried pipes are carried out at the same time. They are buried between the underground and the pipeline, and are laid 30-50cm above the pipeline to serve as a warning sign to avoid unnecessary excavation and construction of the pipeline in the future. It is a cost-effective, simple and easy-to-use product for safety protection of various directly buried pipelines and cables to avoid huge property and economic losses due to accidental damage.

Geographical warning tapeGenerally divided into two types: ordinary warning tape and metal detectable warning tape. The buried warning tape is made of high-strength, anti-aging polymer materials, with PE, PP, OPP as the main materials, after anti-corrosion treatment, good corrosion resistance, bright color, long-term laying underground for 50 years without corrosion, no shrinkage, Meet the requirements for underground use.

Generally, the words of the buried warning tape are: there are pipes underneath, no excavation is allowed; there are cables underneath, no excavation is allowed; there are tap water pipes underneath, no excavation, etc., and customized according to the requirements of use.

Geographical warning tapeCooperating with corresponding pipelines can clearly indicate the location of pipelines or cables, avoiding serious consequences such as pipeline damage.

Product features of buried warning tape

1. Multifunctional application, can be used to detect underground gas, underground cables, underground water pipes, etc.;

2. Bright color, uniform thickness, high tensile strength;

3. Help the construction personnel to correctly detect the location of the underground pipeline;

4. Use aluminum foil, PE, PVC and other materials to make the belt more tough and not easy to break.

Jinneng Electric is a manufacturer specializing in the production of underground warning tapes. The quality of the underground warning tapes produced by them is excellent. It has passed the inspection of relevant departments and can be used with more confidence. The warning performance of the underground warning tape is obvious, and it will not decay if it is buried in the ground for a long time. Our company has also produced detectable buried warning tapes for the difficulty of detecting the direction of underground pipelines, which is more convenient to use. It can detect the bottom line pipelines on the surface and will not cause damage to the pipelines in later projects.

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