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Warning tape categories and characteristics


With the continuous development of society and economy, more and more plastic pipes such as PE, PPR, and PVC are used in the construction of underground pipe networks. The product uses high-strength, aging-resistant polymer materials, with PE, PP, OPP as the main raw materials, processed by anti-corrosion treatment, good corrosion resistance, bright color, eye-catching, long-term laying underground for 50 years, in line with long-term burial The quality remains unchanged.

There are two types of warning tapes: one is an ordinary warning tape; the other is a metal-clamped detectable warning tape, also called a tracer tape, (with a stainless steel metal warning tape),

Basic common sense of warning tape

1. Warning tapes can be divided into one-time use and re-use warning tapes.

2. The warning tape with polyester cloth as the main raw material effectively overcomes the limitation of the warning tape's short service life.

3. This kind of warning tape is not easy to pull off, and the simple packaging method is easy to clean. It is a very concentrated collection of the advantages of the boxed warning tape. At the same time, it also effectively improves the limitations of the box.

4. The simple packaging method also makes the length of the warning tape easier to display, and the connection is easier and convenient, so the area of ​​use can be expanded indefinitely. With the continuous innovation and research of the warning tape, it meets people's requirements for use, can be reused, saves energy and reduces emissions, and is more convenient.

Warning tape product features

1. Multifunctional application, can be used to detect underground gas, underground cables, underground water pipes, etc.;

2. Bright color, uniform thickness, high tensile strength;

3. Help the construction personnel to correctly detect the location of the underground pipeline;

4. Use aluminum foil, PE, PVC and other materials to make the belt more tough and not easy to break.