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Once the optical cable is broken, everything will be lost." Why are the consequences of destroying the national defense optical cable so serious?


Once the optical cable is cut, everything will be ruined." This is no joke. In 2005, an eradicate driver accidentally dug up the communication optical cable of the Ministry of National Defense, causing a 374-minute communication interruption. At first, he was still He didn't take it seriously, thinking he only needed to pay some maintenance fees, but in the end he had to pay 1.69 million yuan, an average of 75 yuan per second. In addition to paying a fine of over one million yuan, he was also convicted of sabotaging military communications. Xi mentioned A pair of "silver bracelets". I have been using a sewing machine for more than a year. I just broke a national defense optical cable. Why are the consequences so serious?

It turns out that national defense optical cables are different from ordinary optical cables. They are the main communication facilities between troops and are related to the security of national information. They are also responsible for transmitting military and intelligence information during wartime. Once destroyed, communications between troops will be interrupted, and even Leading to the loss of important information, etc.; this will be a huge loss to the country. Therefore, if you destroy the national defense optical cable, you will face huge compensation calculated in seconds; and you may also face "jail". In serious cases, you may even be sentenced to Death penalty. You don’t know what you like at the “monument” when you first meet, but you are already in jail when you meet again. Therefore, when you see the logo of the National Defense Optical Cable, you must be extra careful.

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