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​Why pipe warning tapes are indispensable in life


Pipeline warning tapeGenerally, it is divided into two categories: disposable warning tapes and reusable warning tapes. Polyester cloth is used as a raw material warning tape, which overcomes the short service life of disposable warning tapes. It is easy to clean and not easy to break. The packaging method, this packaging method is beneficial to the display of the length of the warning tape, the connection is simple and convenient, and the use is effectively expanded.

Pipeline warning tapeIt can be divided into one-time and reusable warning tapes. However, the warning tape using polyester cloth as the main raw material can effectively overcome the short service life of the disposable warning tape. This kind of warning tape is not easy to break, The easy-to-clean simple packaging method is a very concentrated collection of the advantages of boxed warning tapes, and at the same time, it also effectively improves the limitations of boxed packaging. The simple packaging method also makes the length of the warning tape easier to deploy, and the connection is easier and convenient, so the area of ​​use can be expanded infinitely.

Pipeline warning tapeIt can be used to delineate accident scenes or special areas of warning codes. Compared with the guardrail belt, the advantage is that the guardrail belt is convenient to use, and the safety warning belt will not pollute the on-site environment. It is divided into reflective warning tape, fluorescent warning tape, detectable warning tape and so on according to different functions.

Pipeline warning tapeIt often plays an indispensable role in the construction site. During the construction of the buried pipe on the construction site, our safety warning tape is laid on the pipe 30 cm to 50 cm above the pipe, which has a warning effect, which effectively prevents the future The pipeline is damaged during the re-construction and excavation, which leads to serious accidents. It is widely used in various direct-buried pipelines and cable safety protection industries.

manyPipeline warning tapeUnder normal circumstances, mark piles with matching numbers are buried above gas pipelines, oil pipelines and cable pipes. However, after many reconstructions in urban areas, the misplacement and theft of mark piles often occur, so accidents of pipe excavation also occur from time to time. It not only has a great impact on people’s lives, but also causes danger to people’s lives when it is more serious.