Pipe marker pile

Pipe marker pile

Product Details

Pipe marker pileProduction process and raw materials:

Pultrusion of glass fiber reinforced plastic is a continuous molding process for producing infinite length and equal cross-section glass fiber reinforced plastic products. The raw materials include liquid resin mixture (containing resin, filler and special additives) and reinforcing fiber (containing glass fiber roving, felt cloth, etc.).

Material performance:

According to the user's specific mechanical, electrical, anti-corrosion, flame-retardant and other requirements of the profile, the designer must make a reasonable material structure design and select a suitable combination of raw materials, including resin, reinforcing fibers and other materials. Please refer to the physical properties table of pultruded FRP.

Material advantages:

• High strength • Light weight • Corrosion resistance • Insulation and heat insulation • Flame retardancy • No electromagnetic properties

The glass fiber reinforced plastic pultruded profile is square, with uniform wall thickness on each side, and the surface is smooth and shiny. In particular, observe the distribution of the inner felt, and there is no phenomenon that the felt is not covered, and there is no accumulation of excess resin. The surface feels even, no yarn leaks out, and the felt layer is evenly distributed. Therefore, the quotation of FRP pultruded profiles is also different.

Composite materialSign pileUsing high-strength glass fiber and unsaturated resin pultrusion molding, it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, tearful heart, easy construction, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high strength, not fragile, and non-recyclable.
The traditional sign pile is made of cement as a whole, the handwriting is not obvious, the warning is not strong, the surface of the cement column is easy to fade, there is no guide to replace the head, the construction is inconvenient, and it is not easy to maintain. This is the first generation of sign pile.
Although the second-generation plastic steel (PVC) marker pile has the advantages of lighter weight, easy construction, and beautiful appearance, it is easy to age, has no real temperature, and can be recycled (easy to be stolen).
Therefore, composite marker posts are the best substitute for cement and PVC marker posts. It is now widely used in natural gas, oil, electricity, transportation, communication, water supply, and other pipelines.