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Warning post

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Guoyu shared with youWarning postThe effect is as follows:

Warning postIt serves as a warning and warning sign, for example, there is a natural gas pipeline underneath, and excavation is strictly prohibited. This will prevent the underground pipes from being cut off, which will cause inconvenience to people's lives and even cause personal injury.

The natural gas marker post is a kind of RFP garbage profile, which uses glass fiber and other products as reinforcement materials, calcium powder as filler, and a synthetic resin as the body material, which is pultruded by a glass fiber reinforced plastic pultrusion machine. Therefore, the pile body of the glass fiber reinforced plastic sign pile is integrally formed, and the color is bright, which has the effect of beautifying the environment.

FRPWarning postThe advantages:

1. High strength, can well ensure the integrity of the pile body, the root steel is similar, not easy to deform, not easy to be crushed.

2. Good corrosion resistance, can be used in a variety of environments, can resist water, gasoline, alcohol, electrolytic salt, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium potassium compounds, urine, asphalt, suitable for various acid-base soils, and the rainproof product itself has Good anti-aging performance.

3. The specific gravity is only one-tenth of that of concrete. It is convenient to handle and transport, and it is also convenient for construction, which can greatly reduce labor and labor intensity, and save labor and time.

4. Naturally anti-theft, the material has no recycling value and can be natural anti-theft. It can effectively prevent important underground facilities from being excavated and has significant social and economic benefits.

5. The glass fiber reinforced plastic warning pile is bright in color, which can beautify the environment.

6. Strong impact resistance, no deformation in impact, high tensile strength, bending strength and impact toughness, which can fully meet the safety of outdoor use.

7. Superior physical properties, excellent insulation materials, high-performance insulation resistance to prevent leakage, good dielectric properties at high frequencies, no reflection, no blocking of microwave propagation, no rust, and long-term safe use.