Types and functions of detectable warning tapes

2018-11-23   Anhui Guoyu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Guoyu shared with youDetectable warning tapeThe types and functions are as follows:

it is knownDetectable warning tapeThere are many kinds, but do you know what each of them does? The editor from Guoyu will introduce the role of various warning bands.

Detectable warning tapeIt is also called a warning line. At present, most of the warning tapes on the market are cassette or roll warning tapes. They can be divided into reflective warning tapes, fluorescent warning tapes and detectable warning tapes according to their different functions. The colors are also available in red, yellow, blue, white, etc.

Safety warning tape is an indispensable product at the construction site. Use the warning tape and construction sign to isolate the construction location. It can protect the safety of pedestrians and vehicles in the past, and greatly reduce the occurrence of various accidents.

Safety warning tapes can also be applied to various directly buried pipelines, such as gas pipelines, petroleum pipelines, or cables and optical fibers. Before digging into the pipeline cable below, warn people that there is a pipeline cable below, thereby effectively preventing the occurrence of accidental excavation.

In addition, guard bands are also required in some special scenes, such as the isolation protection of accident scenes or fire scenes, all of which need to use safety guard bands.

After reading the above introduction, do you understand the role of the warning zone?

Detectable warning tapeBasically, they are all PVC films, which have excellent insulation, fire resistance, cold resistance, voltage resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and solvent resistance. It is used to mark warning areas on the ground. There are various colors for reference. Generally, there are more red, yellow, and green colors, and meet other requirements. The safety warning tape can be used to describe the accident scene or the special area of ​​the warning code. Compared with the guardrail belt, the advantage of the guardrail belt is that it is convenient to use, and the safety warning belt will not pollute the on-site environment. According to different functions, it can be divided into reflective warning tape, fluorescent warning tape and detectable warning tape.

Warning tapes can be divided into disposable warning tapes and reusable warning tapes. However, the use of polyester cloth as the main raw material of the warning tape effectively overcomes the limitation of the short service life of the disposable warning tape. This kind of warning tape is not easy to be damaged and cleaned, and it integrates the advantages of the boxed warning tape. At the same time, it also effectively improves the limitations of the boxed warning tape. The simple packaging method also makes the length of the warning tape easier to use, and the connection is easier and more convenient, so the scope of use can be expanded indefinitely.