Types of pipeline warning signs

2018-11-23   Anhui Guoyu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Guoyu shared with youPipeline warning signsThe types are as follows:

First,Pipeline warning signsColor and style standards: Pipeline identification is divided into Chinese national standard GB 7231-2003 and international standard ANSI. Among them, Chinese national standard has special standards for some industries, including pharmaceutical factories, shipyards, power plants, breweries, oil fields, etc.

Second, reflectivity, reflective particles can be clearly seen on the surface of the reflective material of the Wubang Pipeline logo, with a refractive index of 2.2, and a better one on the market with a refractive index of 1.9. In a dark environment, the reflective gap is very obvious.

Third, the accessories of the pipeline identification, the general pipeline identification needs to be equipped with the pipeline flow direction arrow, a single arrow and the arrow in a circle of the pipeline can be selected, and the oil field and other industries also need to be equipped with a pipeline hazard color ring.

Fourth, the text direction of the pipeline logo, the following picture can illustrate

Fifth, the statistical content of the pipeline identification (the statistical form can be requested from the customer service)

1. Installation area (recommended for easy installation)

2. Medium name (must provide)

3. Pipe diameter after insulation (must provide)

4. The direction of the text (recommended, if not provided, Wubang defaults to horizontal)

5. Text size (recommended, if not provided, Wubang can formulate the most suitable size plan)

6. Label color (recommended, if not provided, Wubang can develop color scheme according to specific industry standards)

7. Whether it is a dangerous chemical product (the dangerous chemical product needs to be equipped with a dangerous chemical color ring)

8. The quantity of each label (must provide)

9. Remarks for other requirements