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The role of geographic warning strips


Geographical warning tapeAlso known as marking tapes are widely used in various directly buried gas pipelines, oil pipelines, urban water supply and drainage and other gas and liquid pipeline transportation systems, power cables, communication optical cables, and other types of transportation systems and information transmission systems related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood. Warning protection, not to mention various situations and complicated urban pipe networks.

Construction site, road construction site, traffic accident site protection, building construction site, direct buried pipelines in the field have an obvious protective warning function, it is convenient to construct, the construction is carried out at the same time as the buried pipe, and it is buried between the underground and the pipeline. The 30-50cm above the pipeline serves as a warning sign to prevent unnecessary damage to the pipeline during future excavation and construction, which may cause major accidents, and avoid huge property and economic losses due to accidental damage. It is a variety of directly buried pipelines. The cable safety protection is economical and effective. Simple and easy supplies.

product name:Warning tape, Logo belt

Product material: polyethylene

Product width: can be customized according to customer requirements

Product specifications: 10cm/15cm/20cm/25cm/30cm/40cm/50cm/60cm/70cm/80cm/90cm

Product thickness: 8 wire/10 wire/12 wire

Product use: Gas warning tape, power warning tape, cable warning tape, pipeline warning tape, fence warning tape, petroleum pipeline warning tape, power cable warning tape, high voltage cable warning tape.