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Not subject to price hikes due to the turmoil in the upstream material market, you can place orders with confidence


The heavy rainfall since Iran’s March floods has caused continuous flooding in southern, central and western provinces. Iran’s Mehr News Agency reported that floods caused by heavy rainfall have inundated more than 1,900 cities and villages in Iran, damaged nearly 12,000 kilometers of roads, and caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to water conservancy and agricultural infrastructure. “2199 rural roads and 84 bridges were washed down.” Iran’s National Disaster Management Organization spokesman Benan Saidi said that the floods affected the Great Persian Industrial Park and caused damage to the ethylene pipeline. The petrochemical plants affected were Ilam. , Kermanshan, Lorestan, Kordestan, Mahabad and other five, of which the last four belong to the Iranian BCCO Group.

At present, the PE equipment is affected. Among them, the high-pressure equipment of Kordestan in Iran has stopped production, which involves a production capacity of 300,000 tons/year, which means that the low-pressure equipment of Iran's Ilam has stopped production.

Anhui Guoyu Plastic Industry Analysis: The currently affected brands are 22B02, 5110, BL3, 2420F3/2420E02, 7000F, 9450F, 62N07, etc. From the perspective of import data, 80% of Iran’s products are sold to China, with the exception of low-pressure injection molding 62N07 whose monthly import volume is 15,000-20,000 tons, and the monthly import volume of other products is generally 10,000-1.5 million tons. Iran is sanctioned by the United States, and local shipping is insufficient. At the same time, some cargo ships are transshipping in other countries. The shipping schedule to domestic ports has been unstable since January. Some sources expect that the overhaul will affect the import arrival time in July!

PE protection boardThe manufacturer Anhui Guoyu Plastic Industry said: Guoyu Plastic Industry has leading production capacity and channel layout, product quality and R&D have advantages.PE pipe anti-digging protection boardXiang Wenzhen, the leader of the leading company in China, told the customers: Don’t raise prices due to the turmoil in the upstream material market, and you can place orders with confidence.