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Technical requirements and advantages of customized PE warning panels
- 2019-11-01-

Technical parameter requirements of PE warning protection board:

1. The PE warning protection board is made of HDPE material with a density of ≥0.9g/cm∧3;

2. The tensile yield strength of PE warning protection board ≥10MPa;

3. Dimensional stability of PE warning protection board%≤35;

4. The warning mark of the PE warning protection board is red on a yellow background and is laminated with OPP high temperature resistant film;

5. The content of the PE warning protection board: there is a gas pipeline under it, and it is strictly forbidden to excavate privately.

The main features of PE warning protection board:

(1) Warning and protection; effectively reminding the laying positions of various types of underground pipelines during pavement construction operations to prevent the pipelines from being accidentally dug

(2) Impact resistance; effectively prevent a certain impact from the excavation of road construction machinery

(3) Anti-acid, anti-alkali, durable; effectively prevent chemical corrosion

(4) Easy installation and laying; easy construction, fast laying speed, saving labor costs and transportation costs during construction

(5) The advantages of this product are unmatched by other products such as cement board

(6) The product has obvious advantages, warning, strong protective effect, safe use, fast construction, labor-saving and money-saving

PE warning protection board installation instructions:

The width of the PE warning protection board should be greater than the diameter of the pipe to be protected.

When the length of PE warning protection board (PE pipe anti-digging board, plastic protection board) is insufficient, it can be protected by lap joint, and the lap width should not be less than one-third of the board width.

The PE warning protection board lap joint is fixed by punching and strapping.

Advantages of PE warning protection board:

1. Long service life, because the main material is the same as the PE gas pipeline, it has a similar service life.

2. High tensile strength, good flexibility, strong shock and distortion resistance, and strong resistance to deformation.

3. Excellent corrosion resistance.