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What are the classification and use of sign posts?


The sign post is used as a marking device. Plays the role of pointing people to important areas or dangerous areas. So it generally has the following characteristics:

1 The bright appearance can make people pay attention to it in time.

2 Variety of styles, can be used in any environment.

3 Good material, convenient transportation and installation, and has a long service life.

4 Have a certain anti-theft ability.

Marking piles are also called warning piles, marking piles, and marking piles. They are often used to indicate the route of electric power, communications, gas, tap water, and railway underground pipelines. It is a new type of product used as a warning for outdoor, green belt, bushes, and pipeline path indications on both sides of the jacking pipe. According to the material, it can be divided into: cement marking pile, plastic steel marking pile, composite material marking pile. Composite sign posts are further divided into: magnesite sign posts, FRP sign posts, resin sand sign posts, resin sign posts.