PE warning board installation method and characteristics

2018-11-23   Anhui Guoyu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Guoyu shared with youPE warning boardInstallation methods and features are as follows:

PE warning boardmain feature:
(1) Warning and protection; effectively reminding the laying positions of various types of underground pipelines during road construction operations to prevent the pipelines from being accidentally dug;
(2) Impact resistance; effectively prevent a certain impact from the excavation of road construction machinery;
(3) Anti-acid, anti-alkali, durable; effectively prevent chemical corrosion;
(4) Easy installation and laying; easy construction and fast laying speed, saving labor costs and transportation costs during construction;

(5) The advantages of this product are unmatched by other products such as cement board;
(6) The product has obvious advantages, warning, strong protection, safe use, fast construction, labor-saving and money-saving. PE warning protection board installation situation:
1. The width of the PE warning board should be greater than the diameter of the pipe to be protected;
2. When the length of the PE warning board is insufficient, it can be protected by overlapping, and the overlapping width should not be less than one-third of the board width;
3. The PE warning board overlap is fixed by punching and strapping;
4. The PE warning board should change the direction correspondingly. The thin (rolled) protective plate can be cut and turned, and the protective plate is effectively connected with the plastic strapping. The (plate-shaped) protective plate adopts the plastic connecting bolt to directly turn or tee Connect.

PE warning board usage:
1. The PE warning board uses a protective board with a thickness of mostly 3-12 mm. The courtyard pipe network generally uses a 3-5mm thick protective board, and the municipal pipe network uses a 5mm thick and above protective board with a width of 200mm-600mm.
2. PE warning board can also be customized according to customer requirements.
3. The protection plate with a width of 200mm is generally used for the pipes of the gas system below 160; the protection plate with a width of 300mm-400mm is used for the pipes of 200-250; the protection plate with a width of 400mm-500mm is used for the pipes of 300-350; above 400 The tube adopts a protective plate with a width of 500mm.