Material and laying method of gas warning board

2018-11-24   Anhui Guoyu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Guoyu shared with youGas warning boardThe materials and laying methods are as follows:

1,Gas warning boardBrand) Material: Made of plastic steel material, and the logo symbols are painted with red paint.

2. Burial depth requirements:Gas warning boardLaying should be eye-catching. Play a warning sign, generally 80cm above the ground. Natural gasPipe marker pileOr one piece of sign board is buried 20 meters away.

3.Gas warning board(Sign Pile|Sign Board) Content:

Natural gas pipeline marker piles are marked with pipeline type, company name, reporting phone number, pipe diameter and pile number. After people see the marker piles, they can clearly understand the underground pipeline burying situation. At the same time, every citizen can participate through the report phone Come to the supervision of natural gas pipelines.

Gas warning boardThe buried pipeline is an important project of the gas company. The buried pipelines include all pipelines and all newly-built natural gas pipelines, and this project has extremely important significance for the normal operation and management of the company's natural gas. Although the previous natural gas pipelines were buried, due to the large spacing and unclear markings, it was difficult to distinguish that the natural gas pipelines were buried underneath. During the peak construction season in the spring of this year, some construction teams often dig through the natural gas pipelines, which is harmful to the company's natural gas. The normal use has had an adverse effect. In response to this phenomenon, the company has accelerated the transformation of old natural gas pipelines and the speed of burying new natural gas pipelines. When making, pay special attention to choosing the iconic yellow color of natural gas, which is marked with the pipeline type, company name, reporting telephone number, pipe diameter and pile number, so that people can see the buried status of the underground pipeline very clearly. Every citizen can participate in the supervision of natural gas pipelines.

Gas warning boardThe burying of the pipeline facilitates the line inspection work of the company's employees. Through the eye-catching on the pipeline, the direction of the pipeline can be clearly known, which greatly shortens the time of each line inspection. At the same time, various construction teams can avoid the natural gas pipeline well when constructing beside the natural gas pipeline, which greatly prevents the natural gas pipeline from being dug.

The embedding of the gas pipeline marker piles effectively prevents the damage to the gas pipeline due to accidental excavation, and reduces a lot of unnecessary troubles and accidents.