Use and classification of pipeline markers

2018-11-26   Anhui Guoyu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Pipe marker pileClassification of advantages and uses:

  Pipe marker pileAlso known as warning piles, marking piles, and mark piles, they are often used to indicate the route of electric power, communications, gas, tap water, and railway underground pipelines. It is used for outdoor, green belt, bushes, and pipeline path indications on both sides of the jacking pipe. The sign post is used as a marking device. It serves as a guide for people in emergency zones or injury zones.


1 Bright appearance allows people to discover in time.

2 Variety of styles, which can be used in any environment.

3 Good materials, convenient transportation and decoration, and have a long service life, as long as 20-30 years.

4 Have a certain anti-theft ability.

There are many types of sign posts, but they can be divided into the following types in terms of use and material:

According to the purpose, it can be divided into: cable marking pile, oil and gas marking pile, communication marking pile, optical cable marking pile, tap water marking pile, railway marking pile, and highway mileage pile. Urgent is classified according to the purpose of the product and the content printed on it.

According to the material, it can be divided into: plastic steel marking pile and composite material marking pile. Composite material marking piles are further divided into: FRP marking piles, resin Gaza marking piles, and resin marking piles.

Pipe marker pileNotes:

  Pipe marker pileThere are many places in our lives, it brings us a lot of convenience, and we can find that it really has great advantages in the process of using, so what we need to pay attention to in the process of using What's the problem? Let's take a look next, what are these problems?

First, the FRP pipes originally contained glass products, so we need to protect them during transportation, so that we won’t have any big problems, and it’s also convenient for us to use. It can be used during transportation. Avoid the existence of many problems. Second, it needs to be handled with care during use, which can prevent damage, but if it is damaged, it needs to spend a certain amount of money to repair it, so we don't need to worry about it. Third, if there are some problems in the process of use, we must deal with them in time, so as not to cause major damage, and we can also avoid subsequent problems during the process of use.